We welcome you to a wonderful betting site that delights thousands of gamblers daily with great opportunities. WasafiBet offers a variety of gambling activities for Tanzanian players to improve their day! Many betting opportunities await you, including excellent conditions, interesting bonuses, and much more. Moreover, that bookmaker offers its players a high chance of winning, which will positively affect your betting experience. Players will be able to have a good time and get big payouts for their good mood. That is a real find for any gambler, as everyone loves to win and receive a reward. If you are looking for a reliable gambling site that respects its customers, you should try WasafiBet. Winning in such pleasant and comfortable conditions will be twice as much fun.

Bet for real money

That bookmaker became available in Tanzania in 2021. However, it has extensive experience in the gambling market. It carefully studies the betting market and strives to provide its customers with more betting opportunities. In addition to a wide variety of bets, you will also find an excellent casino here. That suggests that the site can please a gambler with any interest. You may also enjoy such advantages of that bookmaker as:

  • Excellent reputation
  • A large selection of sports to bet on
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Convenient and reliable ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • 24/7 customer support

That bookmaker is one of the best in Tanzania and quickly earned bettors' trust. Any bettor can register on its site at any time and study all the conditions and opportunities it offers.

WasafiBet Registration

The registration process of WasafiBet is straightforward for any user who wants to become an official player of that site. It will take you no more than a minute, and you will quickly create a new account. That bookmaker does not request much information, significantly speeding up the process. You only need to enter information identifying you as a new player and allow your account to function properly. Users can add information about themself to their accounts later when they want or have time. That is great for busy users who do not have much time to go through lengthy registration processes.


To start registration, visit the official website of the bookmaker and click on the Join Now button in the upper right corner. It is bright yellow, so users can quickly find it and instantly open the registration window. You need to enter such personal details about yourself as:

  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Referral code

If you do not have a referral code, you can skip that item as it is not required. The bookmaker will ask you to confirm it, so you do not make mistakes and better remember your password. That is all the data that the user needs to enter to create an account here. As you can see, such a meager amount of requested data guarantees you a quick registration process. After that, you can start exploring offers and placing bets.

Wasafi Bet exists within the law and adheres to all necessary rules. The law prohibits underage users from betting on sports or gambling; therefore, they cannot register on that site. That will be a violation of the law which may entail certain consequences. The bookmaker seeks to protect its site and underage users from unconscious violations and their consequences. Therefore, if an underage user still creates an account on that betting site, then the bookmaker has every right to block it. Thus, we advise you to leave the site and return here when you can legally bet on sports. Gambling players who have already reached the age of majority will not encounter any difficulties or prohibitions on their way. They can register and enjoy any entertainment they want.

Login to WasafiBet

Users with an account on the WasafiBet website can return anytime and continue their fun. The authorization process here is very simple and will take only a few seconds. You do not have to waste your time on preparatory processes, so your return to bets will be almost instantaneous. Authorization here is standard so that it will be simple and familiar to any gambler. Thus, you will save more time for gambling entertainment and be able to enjoy your leisure time a little longer.

Log in

To proceed with authorization, you must click the Login button next to the registration button. Enter your phone number and password, and that will be enough to return to your account. You also do not have to enter a large amount of data, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process. In that way, the bookmaker tries to save the maximum time for its customers and not burden them with complex processes.

Users of that betting site do not have to worry if they suddenly cannot remember their password. That is not a problem and does not restrict their access to their account. You can reset your password anytime or come up with a new, more secure one. Click the Forgot Password button, and the recovery process will start immediately. The gambling site will ask you to enter your password to verify that you are the owner of that account. That is necessary for your security and will also allow the bookmaker to send you the necessary information to reset your password. After you confirm that the account belongs to you, you will receive everything you need to access your account again. That process does not take much time, and you can still log in quickly.

WasafiBet Full Version

That bookmaker boasts an excellent full version of the site. It has excellent optimization for large horizontal screens and excellent quality. It is convenient to use, which many WasafiBet customers notice. You will quickly find everything you need here, and the site will work properly without any errors due to good optimization. You need to use your desktop computer or laptop to access the full version of that bookmaker's website. If you use these devices for betting, you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit the site.

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They have a beautiful design that enhances the mood and gives you an even better gambling experience. You will see here pleasant color combinations and excellent design solutions. The full site version looks good, and WasafiBet tried to provide their players with a nice visual. These color schemes also help to increase the concentration of players, which has a positive effect on their success in betting. You will be likelier to choose the right betting strategy to bring you big money. It is also one of the bookmaker's ways to increase your chances of winning. Your smile means a lot to it, which is why it tries to help you in every possible way.

In the full version of WasafiBet, you can quickly find all the information you need and study all the events on the site in detail. Everything necessary for the players is in a prominent place, and they do not need to spend a lot of time exploring the bookmaker. The interface is simple and intuitive, so even a new bettor can quickly navigate here. That greatly simplifies your stay on the site, as you can immediately start having fun. To further simplify your study of that betting site, we provide you with a detailed scheme:

  1. At the top of the site, it has placed sections еwith all the features and entertainment, and each has its unique design;
  2. In the middle, you will find information about sports events that you can bet on, such as popular games, matches that are taking place today, their odds, and so on;
  3. Below players will find the sorting of events by country and the number of events;
  4. At the bottom of the betting site, you can find detailed information about the bookmaker.

With a pleasant design, the bookmaker creates comfortable conditions for its customers. You will have a perfect time here and enjoy a great game.

WasafiBet Mobile Version

Bookmakers should provide their players with a mobile version because not everyone can constantly be near their computer. That is necessary to provide them with more opportunities and allow them to enjoy bets at any time. Using the mobile version, bettors can have round-the-clock access to the gambling site and place bets whenever they want. That also contributes to the expansion of the bookmaker's clientele and positively affects its rating.

Go to mobile version

WasafiBet boasts a mobile version of excellent quality that will allow players to place a bet at any time, wherever they are. Thus, many opportunities open up for you, and you can bet more often. Accordingly, you will be able to have fun more often and be able to escape from a hard day. Thanks to the high chances of winning, it may take you just a few minutes to place a winning bet.

It has excellent adaptation to small vertical screens, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game process fully. That guarantees you a great time using your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. If you want to visit the mobile version of that bookmaker, then you need to use your mobile internet browser. Finding the WasafiBet site is very easy. You must enter the bookmaker's name in the search box and follow the link. After that, you can log in and explore all the possibilities. The authorization process using a mobile device is also simple and is no different from authorization in the full site version. If you want to register using the mobile version, that will also be a simple and easy process. All that will be familiar and understandable to you.

That mobile version has excellent optimization, thanks to which the site works smoothly and without problems. Users never experience any lag or lag, allowing them to enjoy the game comfortably. Another big advantage of the mobile version is that it has no player restrictions. You will have access to all the functions available to players in the full version. Thus, mobile bettors have absolute freedom of action.

WasafiBet App

If it is inconvenient to use your mobile Internet browser, you can always download the WasafiBet special mobile application. With its help, you can access the site in one click, saving you a lot of time. That is a great option for players who like to bet on the go or are often away from home. It will help improve your stay on the site because it has excellent quality and a user-friendly interface. The mobile application is not much different from the full site version in terms of structure, colors, and design. The only clear difference is that the mobile application is more compact. It has a good adaptation for vertical screens, so you can comfortably use your smartphone. Regardless of what model your smartphone is and how big its screen is, the application will immediately adapt to it.

Download application

If you want to download the application, then it is very easy to do. You can download it directly from the bookmaker's official website, so you do not have to look for it. Just visit the WasafiBet official website and click on the Download App section. You will find full information about the application's features and the download button. It is worth noting that that application is available for users who have smartphones on the Android platform. Also, your Android version must be 4.4 or higher. Downloading and installing do not take much time, and you can start using the application immediately.

WasafiBet Betting

That gambling site offers a wide range of sports you can bet on. WasafiBet can please any gambler as everyone can find something they like. That bookmaker offers more than 15 sports, each of which you can choose from various sporting events. It is great news for bettors who love variety and prefer to bet on different sports every time. Gamblers can bet on sports such as:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Floorball
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Volleyball
  • Waterpolo
  • Badminton

The most popular sport here is football, and you will find plenty of football events for yourself if that is what you are looking for. Basketball is the second most popular sport, and it also has a lot of great and interesting events. These two sports are in great demand among bettors in the gambling market. Therefore, the bookmaker provides you with an extensive list of possible bets.

Make a bet

On that betting site, you also have the opportunity to bet on eSports. WasafiBet offers the most popular and sought-after esports that will interest many bettors. Among eSports, you can find such as:

  • e-soccer
  • e-basketball
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • Ligue of Legends
  • Overwatch

With such a wide range of sports, you have significantly more options than most other betting platforms. And the more betting opportunities you have, the more winnings you have.

Live Betting

WasafiBet also gives you the option to bet in real time. That is a great opportunity for bettors as they can watch the development of events in the game and know about every action. Since you can observe the process, you will be more likely to choose the right betting strategy and place a winning bet. That is an interesting experience and an opportunity to fill your wallet. The bookmaker allows you to make live bets on all sports you see on the site. That is because it has a lot of leagues and divisions for every sport.

View all bets

Here, bettors can use the match tracker function, which allows them to watch the events in an animated format. It is an alternative to live broadcasts and perfectly displays what happens during the match. Match trackers and statistics make it much easier for players to bet and enjoy an easy win.


WasafiBet offers its customers a very wide wager, and you will be happy with a large number of different sporting events. You can choose any sporting event or tournament and bet instantly. You only need to be a registered user and make a deposit for that. You will find detailed information about each event to help you learn more and decide on a bet. That betting site also frequently updates and supplements the information about events, so you get all the details. Thus, not a single detail will escape you, and you will receive complete data on any event that interests you. And thanks to the large selection, you will always have something to entertain yourself.

Betting Odds

You will find excellent competitive odds on that website. WasafiBet offers above-average odds on all popular and second-range events, guaranteeing great results. They are higher than most other bookmakers, making WasafiBet one of the best. They are not difficult to understand, so any gambler can quickly navigate and understand what they mean. If the profitable odds are important to you, like most other players, that bookmaker is a great option.

WasafiBet Casino

That bookmaker also offers casino entertainment to its customers. That section appeared on the site not so long ago. However, it immediately included many popular casino genres that will amuse you. The entertainment casinos list is large, and you will find everything you like here. You will find casino games here for every taste, and you can enjoy real excitement anytime. The betting site offers games of any complexity, so any gambler can find a casino game in which they can win. If you have never played casino games, then the bookmaker will provide you with simple and exciting games. If you are an advanced gambler and variety is important, it can pleasantly surprise you.

Play casino

WasafiBet offers a large selection of table games that covers the most popular titles. For example, you can play table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. If you like to play games with live dealers, that bookmaker has it on its website. You will see a whole subsection with live games, including all available board games and Sic Bo, Mega Wheel, and Sweet Bonanza. Slot fans will also have an amazing time as they can try various slot games. The gambling site does everything possible to ensure its customers enjoy only the best entertainment. Therefore, it provides a large selection of popular slots. For example, you can play Candy Dreams, Book of Keno, Clash of Pirates, Forest Dreams, and many others. All slots on that betting site have a high RTP, guaranteeing a fair and high-quality game.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can quickly find what you need. The bookmaker has sorted all the games by genre, which will greatly simplify your gambling if you want something specific. It also has a new games section where new casino games appear frequently. To visit the casino section, you must click Casino at the top of the site. You will instantly get access to all gambling entertainment that will make your free time unforgettable.

WasafiBet Bonuses

Wasafi Bet has an excellent bonus offer for all gamblers. All of them are different, and you will be able to find exactly those that will help you increase your advantage. The bookmaker strives to offer only the best services and increase your chances of winning in every possible way. Therefore, you will find only the best bonus offers that will make your betting experience even more interesting and exciting. They can help you save money, get extra money, and win more and more. That betting site provides an already high chance of winning. Using bonuses will help you completely eradicate the possibility of losing. That is a very profitable opportunity that can enrich bettors in a short time.

Get a bonus

WasafiBet offers new users a welcome bonus activated immediately after making the first deposit. You will get a free bet, allowing you to better and faster explore the site and understand how betting works. That offer is only available to new players recently registered on the site. However, bettors who play on that gambling site for some time will also be able to enjoy interesting promotions. For example, some offers will allow you to receive daily and weekly prizes. That is a great opportunity to please yourself with prizes that will bring many benefits to gambling.

WasafiBet License

Betting sites must provide their customers with undeniable proof of their reliability, which is necessary for their absolute comfort. That will allow them to relax and get real pleasure from the betting process because they will know they are safe. Otherwise, they will feel worried, which may negatively affect their betting results. The most reliable way for a bookmaker to prove that its site is safe is to have a license.

More about

WasafiBet is only improving daily so its customers can have the best gambling experience. It also tunes in to their opinions and desires to provide them with what they want. It uses innovative technologies to provide players with absolute security, an indicator of high professionalism. Therefore, it has a license from the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). If you have chosen that bookmaker for betting, you will be completely safe on its website.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Money

WasafiBet has great deposit and withdrawal payment options for Tanzania players. All of them are reliable; you can get your payouts quickly. You can use payment methods such as Tigo Pesa, Vodacom M-Pesa, and Airtel. The minimum deposit amount is 100TSh, and for withdrawal, 200TSh. Transactions are immediate, so bookmaker players do not have to wait.

Top up the deposit

Log in to your account, click the Deposit button, and select one of the payment service providers. Enter the deposit amount and the required details, and confirm your deposit. You will be able to quickly receive your winnings and start reaching new victorious heights in the gambling world.

WasafiBet Clients Reviews

Reading reviews will help you understand much, which is a good activity for bettors. You can get more information, draw conclusions and make the right decision. It also helps bettors to understand if the betting site they plan to bet on is right for them. You can always read the reviews of WasafiBet because its customers are always ready to share their experiences and impressions with you.

Lucas: 'I often bet on football on that site, and the number of sporting events is amazing. The choice is so large that sometimes I decide to place a few bets. That solution has never let me down, so I will continue to do so.'

Elliot: 'I'm a big fan of live dealer games, and I didn't expect WasafiBet to have such a wide variety of casino games. I registered here to bet on sports, but it was a nice bonus for me.'

Carter: 'I just love that betting site! It has excellent odds and a huge selection of sports and esports. I often bet on esports events, and that site hosts all my favorite games.'

Agatha: 'WasafiBet is a great site where it's easy to win. I registered here just a few months ago and have already won a large amount of money many times. That is not the limit, so I will stay on this site.'

That bookmaker will do everything possible to ensure you have a great time on their website. It will give you an unforgettable gambling experience and allow you to enjoy all possible entertainment. Join WasafiBet and enjoy ongoing success every day.